5 Ways Cats Make the Most Out of Naptime

orange tabby cat lying on brown textile

Cats! Naps! Let’s get a handle on some things prior to we dive into topic 1. Cats are more restful and sleep longer than humans. Cats are more intelligent than humans. Do we all share the same level? Great!

Let’s take a look at five ways cats can get the most out of their naptimes.

1. Chair stealing

Have you ever stepped out of your seat for a short time only to come back to see the presence of a cat in your space? They’re either asleep (how did they get there in such a short time?) or staring at you with the sweetest-yet-smuggest look you’ve ever seen. We decide to grab another chair, chase the cat, or place ourselves at the edge of the chair. Cats recognize that we are facing this dilemma. They also know that we’ll likely let them rest on their beds. The cats don’t just take a fantastic nap and play, but they’ve also tricked us (again) which is pleasing to them.

2. Hiding

There are cats who sleep out in the open, lounging on a couch arm, or lying in a yoga-like slumber on the floor. When they sleep so freely we are able to admire their beauty and grace. However, cats are more intelligent than we (remember? ), and, at times, they’d rather sleep underneath the bed or behind the curtain. They’re skilled at hiding, and sometimes we can’t find their napping spot. This is a deliberate move. In hiding, they increase the chance of a nap that’s explosive, and then they can relax knowing they’ve pulled another one of us over.

3. Clothing with embellishing

Cats love to nap on top of our clothes, particularly if they’re laid out nicely upon our mattresses, tidy, and mostly wrinkle-free. They’re ready for the next day. Then we get out of the shower and see our cat enjoying a long sleep in that outfit. We’ll admit it, folks have gotten used to wearing our cat’s hair as a fashion accessory. We’d like to believe our cats don’t intend to undermine our black pants or white sweaters, but in reality that they are enthralled by our smell and would like to send us out to the world with layers of references to their scents on our clothes. Relaxing and having control = getting the most out of a nap.

4. Charging

If the sun is shining through windows There’s a high possibility that a cat has landed on the ground in an evaporation puddle of sun. Why is that? It’s hot, and heat can cause us to feel tired. I might or may not have sunk into an individual-sized sun puddle several times. Cats know that it’s not just an ideal spot for a nap and a great place to nap, but it’s also a source of solar energy. While the cats are in their dream world, playing with mice or swatting at bathrobe belts, their power is increasing. It’s possible that they won’t use this reserve of power when they get up however they’ll make use of it in the morning. You’re probably familiar with the three a.m. race in the hallway as well as the post-litter boxes zoomies. They’re sponsored by sun-water puddles.

5. Time to score lap

Our cats and humans are both benefited by sharing a cuddle during a TV show or reading. The comfort of a lap cat is heaven for us. Kitties aren’t able to resist our hands touching their furs and feeling that affectionate vibe. Smart cats around the world are aware of this as an ideal recipe for a good nap. Even better? taking a nap together with humans. Our nap times are much better when we’re scooping a cat or observing their innate napping mojo. Maybe that’s the reason for my mysterious dreams of chasing mice that I’m known to have.

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