Cat Colors: 4 Reasons Your Cat’s Fur Changes Over Time

closeup photo of white cat on floor

There are cats that appear to be black, but their fur is a reddish-brown hue. You may have seen cats with black fur that is dark on the backs and sides and also on their faces, tails, and feet. Maybe you’ve witnessed one of your cats change colors over many years. Here are some aspects that could determine the colors of cats, and how cat fur may change color over time.

1. The temperature can alter the color of cats.

When it comes to SiameseHimalayan along with other Oriental cats the coat color will be determined by the temperature of their skin. The skin’s temperature is higher on the body’s extremities the tail, feet, face, and ears. That is the reason they have white or cream-colored bodies as well as dark “points.” But skin temperature isn’t the only aspect. It’s the temperature in the cat’s surroundings may have an effect similar to my mother’s Siamese cat becoming darker during the frigid Maine Winter months.

2. The sun can alter the color of the fur on cats.

There is a truth to it, dark-colored cats can be bleached by the sunshine. If your cat spends time outdoors often, or if you are able to find her lying in warm areas inside your fur might be lighter.

3. Nutrition plays an important role in cat color

A diet lacking the amino acid, tyrosine may cause black cats’ hair colors to change to a reddish-black hue. Tyrosine is essential to produce melanin, which is the dark pigment that is found in cat fur. in the event that a cat does not get enough tyrosine from his diet, the dark ebony fur could fade. Other nutritional issues like zinc deficiency or copper deficiency could cause dark fur to lighten. Make sure you consult with your vet before offering your dog any nutritional supplements, however, as changes in the color of your fur could be indicative of liver, kidney, or thyroid issues.

4. Cat colors change with they the passage of time

As cats age, they begin to develop gray hair as human beings do. If your cat’s coloring is dark it’s likely that you won’t be able to see the silver strands beginning to appear. Seal-pointed fur Siamese as well as other black-pointed Oriental breeds also get darker with the passage of time. Siamese puppies are white, and begin to develop colored points once they’re out of the mother’s womb. So this could be an ongoing process.

If you’re not sure about something happening to your cat, the most reliable option is to consult your vet.

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