Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

It is packed with protein and calcium, along with probiotics to assist in maintaining digestive health Yogurt is a healthy food item that’s been used by human beings for centuries. It is believed to offer health benefits, ranging from prevention of osteoporosis and heart disease to strengthening your immune system as well as helping with the …

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brown and white cat sitting beside of glass window during daytime

Is Your Cat Stressed?

A lot of American cats could be suffering from the pandemic. And the issue could be caused by excessive affection. “It’s all about stress behavior in cats,” says Jenni Grady, DVM, who works at the community medical center which forms part of Tufts’ Cummings Veterinary Medical Center located in North Grafton, Mass. The doctor. Grady says stress in …

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orange tabby cat lying on brown textile

5 Ways Cats Make the Most Out of Naptime

Cats! Naps! Let’s get a handle on some things prior to we dive into topic 1. Cats are more restful and sleep longer than humans. Cats are more intelligent than humans. Do we all share the same level? Great! Let’s take a look at five ways cats can get the most out of their naptimes. 1. Chair stealing Have you ever …

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