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Your new pet has come to your home, and she quickly retreats to the bed or under the dresser only going out to eat or go to the litter box after everyone is in bed. However, when you let that pet to her independently, she’ll likely remain in that state and will not be able to bond with you or feel safe at home. How do you get your cat who is hesitant to trust and feel secure with you? By using patience and the correct method. These suggestions will be helpful:

Create a Safe Room

When you bring home your playful cat, be aware that she’s overwhelmed by all the drastic changes to her life. Start by introducing her to small spaces, such as an office, bathroom, or spare bedroom so that she can become accustomed to the new environment. If you hand her the entire house all at once, she might be scared and hide behind or under appliances or furniture, and it may take longer to get her comfortable with her new house.

Don’t Ignore

It’s easy to let your cat be what she likes. But a shy cat could quickly become a withdrawn cat if left unattended all day long. That doesn’t mean you have to climb in the bed with her, but take the time to sit by her safe place and talk with her in soothing voices and repeat her name frequently. I suggest our sitters at Just For Cats Pet Sitting to be near the cat who is shy talking to her, listen to their emails in a calm tone, and allow her to get used to their presence.

Use Bribery

Bring a few of your cat’s most lovable snacks on hand while you chat with her. You can give her a piece or two and she’ll be able to associate your presence with the delicious treats. You’ll see her emerge from her hideout every day, building an emotional connection with you when you provide her with what she wants. At some point, you’ll be able to pet her or offer her a small pat on her ear and she’ll start to be more social with you and be less shy.

Appeal to Her Nature

They are curious by nature even in self-protection mode. Make sure you have toys that allow your cat to have fun but let her keep her distance, like fishing poles as well as long feathers, and laser pointers. The more she realizes that spending time with you is an enjoyable thing more likely she will begin to trust you.

Take Time

Let her determine the pace for your friendship. If you take time to spend quality time with her each day and bonding with her will strengthen. It all depends on how skittish the cat you have may be anywhere from a couple of days up to a couple of months before she’s able to engage fully with you.

Love Her

It’s perhaps the most important aspect. The cats that are shy can turn out to be the most loyal cats however, you shouldn’t expect them to break from their shells and be friendly with anyone in any situation. The shy cats typically lower their guard only to only a handful of people when they are in quiet environments. They will quickly disappear to their hiding spot in their “safe room” when there is a new person or noisy sounds.

The ability to give these adorable shy cats the space they need to be familiar with the person you are will enable your cat to feel secure at her own pace. If she can decide that you’re reliable, you’ll be able to form the kind of bond that’s indestructible.

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