Should Your Cat Hunt For Food?

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Cats are naturally hunter-gatherers and require regular exercise. An easy method to boost the amount of activity for your cat is to eliminate feeding your cat in a bowl and let the cat “hunt” for their meals.

Instead of placing your cat’s food in an empty bowl or plate, tap into your cat’s natural instinct for hunting by buying or creating food puzzles. It turns eating time into an exciting game, adding excitement to your cat’s life.

How do I provide a cat with food puzzles?

Dr. Jamie Richardson, DVM with Small Door Veterinary is a proponent of offering interactive and puzzle cats with toys to enjoy independently.

Dr. Richardson specifically suggests the following: Nina Ottosson puzzle toys and Doc and Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder.” A different alternative could be one of the KONG Cat Treat Dispensing Balls. While it is designed to be a treat dispenser based on the shape and size of the cat’s kibble it can also be used to distribute the dry food of your cat as a part of the mealtime. The toys allow the cat “work” for their food by finding out ways to engage with treats or puzzles to get the food.

How to let your cat search for food with homemade puzzles

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You can make puzzles that your cat can hunt treats by recycling boxes that you receive. Get empty boxes and keep them open, or cut holes through them so for your cat to “fish” with her paws into them. Put the entire or a small portion of your cat’s kibble as meals in the boxes. If you spread the food across several boxes of various sizes and with different holes Your cat will enjoy an enjoyable meal that offers mental stimulation and exercise.

Cats can be fed moist food and still keep your mealtimes fun and interactive

If your cat is a wet food at times or for all meals, you can still use it to enhance your food routine. This Doc & Phoebe Wet Feeder is designed to boost enrichment when your cat is eating and to slow down your cat’s appetite to stop him from eating the food. You can also make slow feeders to feed wet food with silicone plates cupcake molds, cake molds, and cupcakes. You can purchase them in a variety of designs in the cooking or baking section of the majority of stores. When you spread wet food across the silicone’s shapes and textures provide your cat with something to chew on, and she’ll have to do her best to remove all the food from the various areas of the services. Many of these molds can be dishwasher safe, making them simple to clean and disinfect after eating.

Search opportunities to provide your cat with food

Alongside creating puzzles to feed cats, it is possible to make an even more exciting hunt for your cat with the cat furniture that you already have at home. Use your cat’s kibble that has been measured and distribute it in cat trees, cat tunnels, or any other climbing spaces. This is an excellent method to boost your cat’s general level of physical activity as the cat will be required to go for his food instead of eating out of dishes.

How do you include challenges?

Making feeding time more enjoyable is a great way to keep your cat entertained. The more experience your cat has and the more proficient she’ll get proficient at “hunting” for her food. With time, you’ll be able to expand the types of puzzles and search you offer in order to make the hunt more complex. You can also mix multiple boxes into puzzles to increase the difficulty of the hunt.


Make sure you keep an eye on your cat when they go “hunting” for their meal to make sure that your cat is able to find all its food and is able to consume enough.

If you have several cats It is generally recommended to keep them apart when they eat. This is particularly important when you’re keeping food in a place that your cat has to look for. Then you can ensure every cat gets its proper amount of food per meal. This can also help prevent conflicts or bullying between cats while they search for food.

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