What Are the Cat Zoomies and Are They Ever Anything to Worry About?

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Imagine this: you’re relaxing, enjoying an enjoyable evening, when suddenly your cat appears out of nowhere, racing around the house like a madwoman. This is known as the cat zoomies and is likely to be completely typical … However, there are certain instances where it may require visiting the vet. Learn more about it.

The first question is what is a cat zoom?

Cats that have zoomies typically have the glimmer in their eyes before they begin moving rapidly. The rapid movements could be in the form of doing laps throughout the house, jumping out of under tables, moving up and down steps, or bouncing between your laps and yelling loudly. And then, when the cat’s zooms begin -it’s possible that your cat will take a nap.

Cat zoomies are what I refer to as the cat Olympics in our home because of the fast sprints my three cats do between floors and another. Cat zoomies come with a scientific term: Frenetic Random Activity Periods, also known as FRAPs. The FRAPs can be a bit surprising and alarming (especially during the middle of the night) but they are completely normal cat behavior.

What are the causes of the cat zooming?

grey and brown tabby cat

Kittens and kittens naturally are full of energy and typically have more frequent experiences with zoomies than older cats, but cats’ inspiration can strike at any age. Even my 17-year-old cat gets motivated to run around as a kitten whenever they see the zoomies.

A variety of factors can trigger FRAPs in a variety of ways. Cats might start zooming out if they see another cat has zoomies. Cats may zoom when they’re chased by bugs or even during the night when their human is getting up to go to the bathroom. Sometimes, it seems like cats are getting zoomies from nowhere or it is as if they’ve seen ghosts.

Do you need to worry?

The habit of zooming around is common among cats and is a fantastic method of burning off any excess energy. If, however, you notice your cat constantly zooming throughout your home, this could suggest that she requires more exercise. Increase the number of hours you spend together with your pet. Enrichment toys, in particular, may help.

In the event that your cat begins experiencing frequent zoomies and becomes more active, or is agitated by zoomies, you should bring your cat to see your vet. Unexpected and sudden bursts of energy, particularly for older cats, may be an indication of an underlying health issue like hyperthyroidism.

For certain cats, the zoomies are more likely to occur late at night, while the rest of the household is asleep. If your cat is only getting the zoomies while you’re asleep, and your household is frequently experiencing sleepless nights due to the cat’s behavior It could be the right and appropriate time to change your routine of feeding your cat in the morning, as well as increase the level of playtime your cat enjoys throughout the daytime. If the behavior isn’t getting better you should consult your vet to confirm that there’s not something that is medically wrong with your cat which is causing her to have trouble settling to sleep at night.

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