Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

Cats may be the most athletic and graceful creatures on earth. Certain breeds, such as the Oriental Shorthair and Cornish Rex can climb up the mantel stuffed with objects of a lifetime without knocking even a single one over. It’s among their most amazing abilities. Why is the internet full of videos showing cats ripping things off high surfaces like countertops and tables?

Although this may be fun at times it could be dangerous in other instances when the object that is broken breaks as it falls to the ground. This could cause problems when the object that is valuable, such as your smartphone or a treasured family treasured heirloom. To ensure that your household and your cat are secure and content Here are some essential cat-related needs to be considered and the best way to avoid the possibility of having your house destroyed.

Cats Test Everything

black cat in front of white front load washing machine

Cats are curious about the origins of everything that is in their area. They are curious about whether they can eat it. Can this be eaten? Is it a safe area to sleep in? Do you have a bathroom that is private? Are you able to have fun playing with it?

Cats examine everything by sniffing it, gnawing on it, or using their paws to swing it around. If it changes direction when you bat it then they chase it like it would chase prey. The majority of things that they hit are about what they would consider typical prey animals, which include birds, mice, lizards, and other animals of a smaller size. Wood, tile, and laminate flooring are particularly fun since anything that falls on them will slide as long as it isn’t broken.

The way to go about it is: Batting stuff around is a natural cat behavior, and cats should be engaged in it in order to flourish. Give them toys that are mouse-sized to play with and bat around Keep your valuables and breakables in a place your cats aren’t able to get them.

Cats Need to Play

Orange Cat Going Inside An Empty Aquarium

Cats are awe-inspiring to play with. In fact, they require it in order to remain healthy and happy. It is an exercise that indoor cats might have difficulty finding enough. The game also helps keep their hunting abilities sharp. If they are aware of something that moves when they strike it, they keep notes in their minds and then return to the exact location and the target.

Cats love to play by playing with and chasing objects on floors which is until they vanish beneath the furniture. Pens have been lost in this method, but we can find them every time we move furniture for spring cleaning.

The best way to help: Provide your cat with toys and playtime so that they can play with and chase throughout the day. If they are playing with things they shouldn’t, turn your attention to the toys.

Cats Love Attention from You

The act of ripping things off high points could be an indication that your cat requires more focus. If your cats don’t receive enough attention, they might decide to do whatever they think will cause attention from you.

When you see your cat knocking your phone from the floor, the chances are that you’ll call your cat’s name, leap up and grab it. Your cat will be happy because you’ve participated in the game, and his efforts to get your attention was successful to reinforce the behavior.

The best thing to do is: When you see your cat kicking things on the countertop, do not notice the behavior. This can teach the cat this isn’t the best way to attract your attention. Wait a minute. After that, redirect your cat’s attention to the appropriate toys and then take 10 to fifteen minutes with your cat.

Why Cats DON’T Knock Stuff Over

I’ve always been awed by cats’ abilities to leap onto a shelf or counter-strewn with objects and not knock anything over. How do they manage to be so elegant?

Apart from their athleticism cats walk with a precise stride which means that their hind paws go on similar tracks to their forepaws. They also walk lightly on their paw pads and tiptoes so that they are undetectable to predators.

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